Tips To Hosting Safer Meetings In 2020


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Tips To Hosting Safer Meetings In 2020

The following are essential tips to help keep attendees safe during events in 2020 and beyond.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we approach our daily lives. The pandemic has made people to be health and safety conscious, especially when it gets to do with events and gatherings. A recent survey by event planning and marketing company GES revealed that close to 90% of attendees are open to attending meetings physically. But they would want to know the safety measures implemented before attending such meetings.

In the last couple of months, numerous trends have emerged in regards to keeping attendees safe during meetings. Below are tips to help keep guests safe in events.

Health and Safety tips

Attendees would want to know what health and safety plan you have in place for your event. Ensure you adhere to strict safety guidelines imposed by the government. When attendees know beforehand that your venue will be safe, they would have more push to attend the event.

  • • Provide a bag with essential materials like face masks, hand sanitizers, napkins, and so on. This will come in handy for attendees, and it will offer a positive experience at the beginning of the event.
  • • Mandate health screening for guests at the entrance. Take body temperature and ask about symptoms. You can also take a proactive step by sending a health survey via email before the commencement of the event.
  • • Provide different areas where guests can clean their hands. These areas should have soap, hand sanitizers, and water—Litter the venue with essential cleaning materials.

Scheduling Tips

Make the structure of your event accommodating so you can reduce the number of people in a place at a specific time.

According to Tim Simpson, a chief brand and engagement strategist at an experience design agency, Maritz Global Events, he stated that ensuring that your business remains alive virtually has its benefits in provided that the experience is done correctly.

  • • Create a scheduling system that allows for minimum capacity and maximum safety
  • • Schedule cleaning time into the event plan so rooms/halls can be sanitized.

Food and Beverage tips

The era of self-service buffets is not sustainable anymore. There other ways you can have your guests enjoy their food and beverages without compromising on their safety.

  • • Serve plated meals and appetizers. Ensure the dining setup adhere to social distancing practices
  • • Try packaging food individually. You could use lunch boxes to keep each individual meal.

Venue Tips

Ensure the venue has enough space so attendees can have a great user experience while ensuring social distancing measures are followed.

  • • Implement social distancing measures in the seating arrangement.
  • • Use outdoor space where possible to give guests more room to spread out.


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