Should You Use Birthday Candles On Your Birthday Cakes?


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Should You Use Birthday Candles On Your Birthday Cakes?

Birthdays are truly a thing of joy. In fact, it is one of the happiest days in anyone’s life. It is genuinely one of the days worth celebrating. However, the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic is alerting the way we ought to celebrate. Doctors suggest that given the current scale of things, it isn’t a good idea to blow out candles on a cake that you would want to share with people.

“Right now, we can’t be too careful. There is always the risk that the person blowing out the candles might have the virus. If that’s the case, the person might transfer the virus to persons around the room., “said Dr. Sarah Boyd.

Doctors mention that events like birthdays always bring people together in a closed area, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Events canters are already taking proactive measures in response to this. Although they are allowing a few numbers of persons gather for celebrations, they are preventing people from blowing out cakes.

A good substitute for blowing out is the candle wand. Lots of event centers have started making provisions for it.

“It is a little bit different than from the usual method, but it is very efficient. Mind you, it is a fun to blow out candles, “ said Dylan Aziere of Main Event in Kansas

According to most doctors, another option is to buy a second cake or use a cupcake specifically for blowing out candles. This will keep in line with the birthday tradition and reduce the risk of spreading the virus since it would only be eaten by the celebrant.

“In as much as we don’t have so much data to tell us about the magnitude of the risk, applying common sense comes into play, “ Boyd said 000


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